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The Entrepreneur's Playbook to Maximizing Value

When you attend, this is what you will learn:

  • How to get a significantly higher sale price.
  • When it is advantageous to delay the sale and focus on improving the value of your company.
  • How to determine the real “market value” of your company and master valuation discussions.
  • Tips for managing the emotional aspects of the sale as the business owner and with your employees.

When you attend, you will have access to:

  • Buyers Panel – Understand the mindset of the buyer – gain their view of the key elements they look for
  • Sellers Panel – Learn from people who have sold their business – What surprised them? What were their keys in getting a superior price for their business?
  • Deal Structure Panel – Explore the implications of the alternative deal structures including; What is the mix of cash and earn-outs and tax implications, owner’s carry, bank and other sources of financing
  • Business Preparation Panel – Gain knowledge about the fundamentals of a great business plan, relative and believable financial projections. What are the current trends and scope of the due diligence?

Coming Spring 2019

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