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Adam Nugent

Foresight Wealth Management

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Past Topics

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  • Presale Preparation: Accounting, Tax, and Personal Financial Picture
    • Salt Lake City, UT – February 2019


Adam Nugent is the founder of The Foresight Wealth Management, an Independent Registered Investment Advisory firm whose primary goal is to put clients first and provide world-class service that families and businesses couldn’t experience anywhere else.

Early in his career, Adam recognized that the financial industry as a whole was doing a poor job in helping people manage their money and finances. More importantly, they were doing a real disservice in ongoing communication, service, excessive fees, and overall customer experience.

Adam founded Foresight on the principle that service can be done better and that people deserve a lot more than what most had been receiving and paying for. His effective leadership and innovative thinking, as well as the company’s commitment to be driven by transparency and flexibility, has spurred Foresight to become one of the fastest growing investment management firms in Utah.

Foresight’s mission to provide the highest probability of financial success drives Adam to work tirelessly towards his clients’ goals and plot a course to secure their futures. Adam loves working together with his clients to maintain and improve the standard of living they are accustomed to as well as preserving their estate for generations to come.